Track what matters

Organize and share the things that matter. Track your to-do, work, shopping, leads, projects and more. No matter what it is, how big or small, Top Performer makes it super easy to track the things that matter and make sure they get done.


Top Performer makes it easy

Whether you are managing multiple work projects, sharing a shopping list with a partner, or building your business, Top Performer is here to help track everything that matters.

Never miss a thing

Set reminders on items and subitems and Top Performer will make sure to remind you.

Work together

Whether you share a list with friends, family members, colleagues or clients, Top Performer makes it easy to work together. You control who has access to your lists and we keep track of all the activity by all the members of that list.

Access from any device

Access your lists from virtually any device.

It’s Magic…sort of

Once you use it, you’ll think it’s magic. Our powerful and unique feature Auto Magic makes repetitive tasks and items smart. Create a template and auto magic will create reminders automatically for you! Perfect for creating follow-ups and sets of tasks.

More features to get more done.

Top Performer offers powerful features that help you organize your life and business so you can optimize your productivity and be the top performer you are!

Auto Magic

Make repetitive tasks simple, smart, and easy to manage.

Subitems / tasks

Achieve more by breaking items and tasks into smaller subitems and sub-tasks


All your communication in one place under the right item.