What’s Top Performer?


Organize every aspect of your life into different lists that you can share and collaborate with friends, family, colleagues, and clients.


Add items to your list to track what’s important. Items can be things, people, tasks, or ideas, you decide. You can add subitems, notes, reminders, and comments to items to keep everything organized.

Auto Magic

Create templates of repetitive items/tasks.  This can be for follow-ups, recipes, processes, steps, and more.  Simply create a template and add it to your list or item.  Auto Magic will even calculate reminder dates for you automatically. It’s magic!

It’s easy


Organize tasks, people, and things into your lists and keep track of what’s important. 

Customize View

Choose if you want your list to have checkboxes, be numbered, or both! You choose how your list looks. You can even choose the icon and color.

At a glance

See what’s due for today and see what’s coming up. You can even view the things that accidentally slipped through the cracks.  

One account, access everywhere.

Access your account from any device.

Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Have access to your lists on any device.

Simple Pricing

One subscription, all your devices

$7.00 / month

Start your 14-day hassle free trial*

  • Unlimited Lists

  • Unlimited Items and subitems

  • Ad free

  • Cloud Backup & Sync
  • List Sharing

  • Email & SMS Notifications

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